In the Beginning

Sorcery was formed during the summer of 1986 and was influenced early on by the harder part of the hard rock spectrum. On the first demo from 1987 there are clear thrash influences but on the next release from 1988 the band has changed focus to what was to become known as Swedish death metal, something that the third demo from 1989 is an even clearer proof of. In the summer of 1990 the first single was released and in the following year the debut album “Bloodchilling Tales” was released.

The Hiatus

The band was put on hold in 1997 because the members had either moved on to other projects or lost interest in the band. Sorcery contributed with the song “Inhabitants of the Tomb” on a compilation album called “The Voices of Death” in 1997 and this became the bands last release from the first active period. In the years that followed the members talked about bringing Sorcery back to life now and then but it was not until the summer of 2009 the reunion became a reality.

Arrival At Six

In 2013 the first studio album in over 20 years was released. Expectations was huge and a lot of the old fans was holding their breath not knowing what to expect. The band was almost equally nervous to see how the fans and press would receive a follow-up to a classic death metal album. To everyone’s delight “Arrival At Six” received numerous raving reviews, averaging a rating of 8.5/10, and both old and new fans alike was more than pleased with it. With a modern sound that still kept the old vibe along with better song writing and instrument skills it made for a masterpiece of Swedish death metal.

U.S. Tour

In April 2013 Sorcery did their first U.S. tour headlining together with Infinitum Obscure from Mexico. Over a few weeks the band played from the west coast to the east coast and back again. Well back at home the band played several festivals and gigs in their home country including a special concert with a symphony Orchestra.

The Line-up

Like many other bands Sorcery has undergone some line-up changes over the years. Two members still remain from the original line-up from 1986; Ola Malmström on vocals and Paul Johansson on guitar. Jacob Wiberg on bass guitar  joined Sorcery in early 2013 and the latest addition to the band, Emil Berglin and Johan Vikholm the following years.

Current Events

After a three year long wait the band released their next album. It was called Garden of bones and was released in May 2016. The release was followed by a short tour which took the band to Germany and Denmark for the first time. Later during the summer the band played festivals in both Sweden and Finland.